Introducing Generative AI and ChatGPT

What:  AI has become one of the fastest growing topics in the latest tech news cycle - you've seen the articles: "AI is Here To Stay," "5 ChatGPT Prompts To Become A Commanding Leader," "Generative AI is Changing the Workplace." But where exactly should you start?

This 45-minute presentation will give you a firm grounding of AI terminology, prompt engineering, and a survey of Generative AI applications, setting you on your way to experimenting with how you can leverage ChatGPT for all sorts of tasks. This webinar is open to anyone who is curious about Artificial Intelligence (AI), Large Language Models, and Generative AI applications such as ChatGPT.

When:  Thursday, December 14th, 1:00-2:00pm ET

Panelists:  Tom Cain, Marc Kolp, and Tushar Rathod

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After joining us for this session, you can expect to:

•    Gain clarity around terminology:  Generative AI, Machine Learning, Prompt Engineering, and Large Language Models
•    Understand the landscape of the different Large Language Model Applications
•    Experience ChatGPT
•    Learn how different LLMs respond to prompts in our Dueling LLMs segment
•    Understand the need for and uses of Prompt Engineering
•    Get some tips on engineering your own prompts

About Our Presenters

Tom Cain

Tom Cain is the Director for IT Products and Workforce Programs at UMBC Training Centers (UMBC TC). While at UMBC TC, he authored various courses including a 10-week evening program in Software Development and Data Analytics using Python. He has managed IT course content offerings for 5 years. Prior to UMBC TC, he gained 15 years of experience with 3 private software companies that offered on-premises and cloud-based products including SMTP software and Data Analytics platforms. He held diverse roles within the software industry including Product Training, Customer Success, Product Owner, Technical Account Manager, Data Engineer, and Business Analyst for Scrum Teams. He is recently focused on Product Development for Generative AI and associated applications. He has delivered hundreds of Computer Science, IT and Product training classes internationally as well as conference talks in cryptography, SMTP servers, and email deliverability. He has advanced degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science from Penn State and UMBC.

Marc Kolp

With a B.A. in Education and a M.A. in Organizational Management Marc has extensive operational and executive leadership and organization development experience. Marc brings 25+ years leading individuals, teams, organizations, and boards through evolutionary change, talent and workforce development initiatives and executive leadership experiences. As an innovation and organizational change practitioner, Marc has worked within the commercial, civilian government, DoD, education, and non-profit sectors specializing in leadership development, product innovation, whole system transformational change, diagnostic assessments, organizational analysis, customer experience, and performance improvement.

As Director of the Center for Leadership and Innovation at UMBC Training Centers, Marc leads a team of ~40 consultants who provide individuals, organizations, and whole communities with a variety of leadership, strategy, organizational effectiveness, performance, training, and executive coaching and consulting services.

Tushar Rathod MBA, PMP, SPC

Tushar owns VPS, an IT Consulting business focused on AI, Product & Agile Transformation. His diverse experience in multiple different industries gives him a unique perspective to address highly complex challenges currently facing the leadership ranks in corporates, academia, government and nonprofits. Mr. Rathod’s clientele include Federal Agencies (SSA, CMS, NIH), industry (Northrop Grumman, PwC, EY) and academia (UMBC, UMD and Towson University).

He has worked with PayPal’s Risk & Compliance team building AI/ML based decision models, presented AI-centric industry perspective at NIST, PMI and UMD. He has expertise in building Lean Product Portfolios, shaping Business Architecture, creating & optimizing Value Streams, building Vision-to-Execution frameworks (strategy, OKRs, KPIs, Success Measures, Ops metrics) and executing large programs. His passion for academics led him to design and teach the capstone course for Masters in Product Management at UMD, multiple custom and open enrollment courses at UMBC Training Centers and at the Towson University.